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Our Story

The market inefficiencies we seek as a firm are exemplified in Distressed Debt. The Steel Forest team has a long history of investing in the debt of Financially Distressed properties by providing Re-Positioning Capital. Our approach is to help Property Owners in Distress talk with their current Lender to save their Property with our New Loan. 

Loan Programs

Steel Forest Lending Programs include  Bridge Loans, Bankruptcy Buyout's, Foreclosure Bail Out's & Fix & Flip Programs: 

  • Loan's from $75k to $250M 

  • 1year - 30 Year Loan's

  • All property types, Development Projects,  24 hour approvals, can close in as quick as 5 business days.

  • 10%-12% Annual Interest Rate

  • Loan To Value Ratio 60-75% 

Our Vision

Our opportunistic approach and our team’s extensive expertise at the intersection of real estate and distressed debt allows us to capitalize on continued flow of over-leveraged and distressed assets in need of rescue capital or asset re-positioning.




Financial Advisory

Steel Forest launched the Real Estate Income strategy in 2010 to attain Faulty Debt as a step-out from unpredictable times due to the downward market. It expands the reach of Steel Forest's real estate platform through investments that have the potential to provide stable income and attractive risk-adjusted returns, but do not have the requisite overhead's or financial responsibilities during the restructuring thus yielding Exponential returns. The Real Estate Income strategy seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through investments in high-quality real estate assets with an emphasis on income and long-term growth.

Audit & Assurance

A loan audit is an essential tool at the start of Our Process. You can’t make a decision based on price alone. There are some essential elements to an effective loan audit that you should know before you purchase one. It is said that more than 80% of all mortgages contain some kind of lender violation. Therefore, the chances are fairly high that we could benefit from a loan audit. If a lender violation is uncovered it will provide leverage when seeking out a loan modification, short sale-short pay or any other type of loan workout.

Our loan audit's are a thorough, scientific investigation of a loan to determine whether a lender has violated any federal, state, or local laws in the servicing of the loan. Our loan auditor's can perform a thorough and comprehensive analysis of a client’s mortgage documents to determine if there are any lender violations associated with the mortgage.


A deficiency judgment is an unsecured money judgment against a borrower whose mortgage foreclosure sale did not produce sufficient funds to pay the underlying promissory note, or loan, in full.

Fraud prevention

The New York State Assembly passed the “Foreclosure Fraud Prevention Act of 2012” which imposes criminal liability on those in the mortgage business who use allegedly fraudulent and deceptive practices in connection with a foreclosure action, and the Managers who “recklessly tolerate” any such practices.

Savings solutions

One of our greatest strengths lies in the ability to identify faulty debt subsequently maximizing the value of Assets once re-positioned thus generating strong returns for our company.

What We Offer



Deep Industry Knowledge

We understand the importance of industry knowledge - it's at the heart of our business. Our industry experts are central to our services, providing strategic insight and current market intelligence.

Our professionals give a perspective gained from a dedicated industry focus. Their industry insights and relationships provide a truly distinctive edge.

Years of Experience

In short, we know the market inside and out. Our highly specialized team of Lawyers, Bank & Real Estate professionals know the back stories of all of the major players involved on both the operating and investing side, and can attract, influence and maintain proven candidates who deliver critical value and open the doors to new opportunities for our customers.

In-house Research Teams

Research and Analysis of the Legal Process in any defaulted debt position is the Key to our Success, therefore,  Our team works to identify, pinpoint, and prove Key Irregularities in a Creditor's process that will secure a meritorious defense which leads to having Distressed Debt significantly discounted and or in extraordinary circumstances vacated. 

Unparalleled Legal expertise, fresh thinking, exceptional talent and strong values; our people are the key to our success. We rely on their knowledge, expertise and ability to innovate.

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1460 Broadway, 14th Floor

New York, NY 10036



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